Choosing a Font Aesthetically Appropriate for Your Quotes

Fonts can add or subtract from a piece’s aesthetic appeal, but there is no single, correct answer. You can use Helvetica Bold to make a quote more aesthetic, or make it all-caps and use a bright color background. You can also use a vintage font, like VHS, for a retro concept. A yellow subtitle font for a movie quote looks good on a vintage poster or postcard. An 80s cursive font is good for music album covers, too. A clean, minimalist font is best for magazine pieces.


The Odachi font is a high-contrast brush script typeface inspired by the Japanese culture. Created by the well-known designer Mehmet Reha Tugcu, this typeface is perfect for fancy designs, games, and posters. Download the free version of the font to use it for any type of commercial purposes. It comes with alternate letter sets and webfont files. Using this font is completely free for both personal and commercial use.

This Japanese brush font is free to download for personal and commercial use. It is reminiscent of the samurai’s sword, and has a grungy look similar to calligraphy. The font is also available in a variety of styles, including Gothic, Sans Serif, and Display. You can also use the font for your logo, header, and banner. Odachi fonts are free for personal and commercial use.

New Romantics

The New Romantics font is a bold, whimsical script with a flamboyant sense of style. Its shapely curves and spiraling serifs create a pleasingly flamboyant aesthetic. This typeface is perfect for editorial and branding designs, and is ideal for wedding invitations. Boiler, designed by Alit Design in 2022, also has a lovable aesthetic and is a great option for wedding invitations.

The New Romantics were a distinct fashion movement associated with modernism and the New Wave electronic music scene. They embraced a mixture of styles including glam rock and Bowie, and defied gender norms. They also became a significant part of the ongoing debate about gender roles and reimagining of identity. The New Romantics font aesthetic is often associated with this movement, but it is not the same as Neo-romanticism.

Salted Mocha

If you’re looking for a hand-drawn brush script font, you’ve likely seen the popular Salted Mocha. Its authentic brush strokes give this font a rustic, yet modern feel. This hand-drawn font also features loopy strokes, which give it an almost childlike appearance. Use this typeface for quotes, logos, posters, and other designs that require a brush script look.

The designer of this typeface, Stephanie Arsenault, created the brush script design for the font using the iPad Procreate app. The font includes more than 10 weights and a variety of characters, including punctuation, letterlike symbols, and uppercase letters. This hand-drawn style makes it perfect for branding, invitations, and quotes. You’ll love the authentic brush stroke texture, bouncing baseline, and other unique characteristics.


A serif number font, Lora emphasizes balance and readability. Its elegant shapes suit both formal and casual interfaces. Its four weights range from bold to thin, and italics have a calligraphic quality. You can also choose from two italic weights to suit your needs. This typeface is available in three different styles, each with its own set of features and benefits. The font comes with a range of alternate versions and is free to download from Google Fonts.

For an elegant typeface for large and short text, combine Lora with other serif typefaces, such as Cinzel. A serif typeface with delicate curves is a nice choice for large types. A sans-serif style typeface is a good choice for smaller types. Claire Marion has used both Courier New and Montserrat to create her designs. Choosing a font that matches your style and the size of your text is essential.

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