Fancy Letters

Fancy letters are unique fonts that are hand-drawn. Many of these fonts are available in both web and display formats. There are also some typefaces that incorporate handwritten techniques, such as the MacLaurent font, which includes lowercase and uppercase letters. Another example is the Spacethink typeface, which is rocker style with five distinct styles. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, this may be the font for you.

Style Script

When you’re creating an invitation design, you’ll want a font that’s perfect for adding a touch of flair. Style script for fancy letters are an excellent option because of their unique flourishes. You can use them for a variety of purposes, such as your website’s title, logo, or wedding invitations. There are many styles available, and they all have a unique personality. Choosing the right one depends on the design, but you should consider your brand, or the type of letters you’ll be using.


The Cantoni font family is hand-lettered with a variety of ornaments, symbols, and other features. This typeface family contains 1265 glyphs, including Greek symbols, Roman numerals, and a limited range of ornaments. In addition, this font family supports most Western and Central European languages, as well as Romanian, as well as Latin and Cyrillic. The Cantoni Pro font family is available in TrueType Font format.


The modern and organic calligraphy font family Gemmadonati features 63 ornaments and special alternates for all letter forms. With an infinity of combinations, this font offers both a unique and personal effect. Its character set includes standard and discretionary ligatures, catchwords, and an extended character set. It also supports various languages from Central Europe. Whether you’re making a poster or creating a letterhead, Gemmadonati’s unique style is sure to impress.


While I haven’t personally used fancy letters in my work, I have often wondered how the IH executive team wrote their letter. They seem so regimented and bureaucratic. In contrast, the Pathways executive director letter is direct and professional. It asks uncomfortable questions and makes clear the flaws in IH’s letter. The Pathways approach appears more human, yet based on 47 years of experience. Let’s explore each of these differences.


Jessica McCarty has created a new calligraphic font family called Ondise. This handwritten script has a dancing baseline and a curvy appearance. It’s suitable for a variety of use cases, and comes with six different ampersands for added variety. There are many cool alternates and ligatures in the Ondise family, too. Read on to learn more about this versatile new font!

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