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When it comes to typefaces, one of the biggest factors that affects how a page looks is its fonts style. Some fonts are more suitable for some purposes than others. Listed below are some tips that can help you find the right font style for your next project. Using bold fonts will catch your audience’s attention and make complex fonts easier to read. But use bold fonts sparingly, as too much of one type can make your page look busy.

Calligraphic scripts – These fonts are reminiscent of handwriting and calligraphy and are often used for historical or religious writings. These types have large strokes with small apertures, thick and curved strokes, and a distinctly pronounced vertical axis. They are often used in headlines, business cards, and shopfronts. They are also known as Gothic minuscule. Depending on the fonts you choose, you can choose from many different styles to suit your needs.

Didone serifs – Didone fonts are widely used for web design. These fonts are clean and bold and are good for displaying text. While they were once discarded in favor of their more elegant cousins, they are now favored as an alternative to Didone fonts. Sans serif fonts lack small strokes at the end of each letter, making them easier to read on screens and smaller sizes. This type of font style is best suited for minimalist and modern designs.

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