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Font spacing refers to the amount of space allocated for each glyph in a given font. Fonts typically contain information on spacing as part of their glyph definitions. If you are unsure of what to do, read on for some helpful tips. If you want your lettering to look professional, pay attention to spacing. Bad kerning and spacing can ruin a brand. Luckily, you can easily fix it with a few clicks!

There are three basic rules for proper font spacing. First, you must understand that spacing is not just about mathematically equal spacing, it is also about how the letters look. To solve letter spacing issues, you should zoom in and check the placement of each letter in the space between its two adjacent neighbors. There are certain pairs of letters that are particularly tricky to kern: capitals followed by lowercase, or straight edges next to curved edges. Pay special attention to these problematic pairs and try to fix them first before moving on to other issues.

Next, you need to adjust the sidebearings of the glyphs. You can change the right and left side bearings of the ‘o’ character to balance the spacing. The ‘o’ bearings should also be equal. Adding the ‘n’ character to the font will also balance out the spacing between the two ‘o’ characters. Make sure that the whitespace inside ‘o’ characters is equal.

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