How to Style a Custom Font in Squarespace

If you use Squarespace for your blog, you can style a custom font using the Squarespace Editor. You can apply custom fonts to several places. But you will need to install the latest version of Photoshop to do so. If you’re a beginner, you can choose Squarespace Email Campaigns, which is simpler than Flodesk. You can use Squarespace Email Campaigns to setup a mailing list. You can also apply a custom font to your website.

Google Fonts allows you to choose the font that you want to use on your website. Then you can browse its examples and see the fonts’ pairings. You can also check the license information for the font. You can also add your fonts to your collection. If you’re using Google Fonts for your website, be aware that GDPR laws may prevent you from importing fonts from Google servers. However, you can use Font Squirrel to convert a font to a new format.

You can choose a different font for each section of your site. Then, in the Appearance – Customizer modal, click on the Fonts tab. There, you’ll find the Custom Font controls. Click the edit button. After doing that, click the Save button to save the changes. You can now preview the site using your custom font. The next time you’re building a website, don’t forget to try some different fonts.

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