Instagram Fonts – The Best Fonts For Instagram

If you are using Instagram, you may be wondering what the best fonts are for your posts. Here are some ideas: Sacred Musk, Modern, Display, and Kafkey. Choose the best one for your needs and start posting! Once you have chosen a font, experiment with its effect to see what looks best. Ultimately, you should choose one that you love. After all, you should be posting on Instagram, so you might as well be using it for something as important as your personal style.

Sacred Musk

For an elevated, whimsical look, Sacred Musk font is perfect. This typeface is PUA encoded, making it easy to access all glyphs and ligatures. Aside from serving a technical purpose, this typeface is incredibly versatile. It works well on display screens, logotypes, and other marketing collateral. If you’re trying to find the perfect Instagram font, try exploring these 30 gorgeous finds.


Kafkey is a reverse slab serif font. It is suitable for advertising, branding and marketing. Its sharp and trendy look makes it suitable for a range of purposes. Designers will find it useful for social media cards, branding and marketing, as well as for branding. The Instagram font is easy to read, with the perfect balance of elegance. The playful, vintage font Neogordon also feels professional, organic and unforced.


There are several great modern Instagram fonts, but which one is the right choice for you? Here are some recommendations. We’ve listed the most popular ones below. Choose the one that best suits your brand. Also, consider which fonts are suitable for your device: Android uses Roboto black Italic Bold, while iOS uses Helvetica. The slanted lines and soft borders make Dento Viola a perfect choice for brands with a playful image. The italicized light serif font has a clean, magazine-inspired look, and is ideal for Instagram stories.

Display fonts

For branding, Instagram is a great place to use creative display fonts. The 30 best Instagram fonts are chosen for their aesthetic and technical qualities. They’re perfect for headlines, branding efforts, and brand logos. Here are some other options to consider. All of them serve a functional purpose. Listed below are some of my favorites. They all convey my brand’s message. But what about the technical side? Which fonts should I use?

Sacred Helvetica

The Sacred Helvetica instagram typeface has made its way to Instagram. It was originally designed by Swiss designer Max Miedinger with assistance from Eduard Hoffmann. Initially, the typeface was licensed by Mergenthaler Linotype. The company didn’t like the name Neue Haas Grotesk, so they renamed it to Helvetia, which honors its nationality.

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