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Kern type is used for letters in print. Its purpose is to improve readability. Tight text makes the letters look unreadable, and close lowercase letters may look like the letter “m.” As a designer, readability is your primary concern. A general rule of thumb is to kern letters more loosely than tightly. Then again, too much kerning can damage a brand’s reputation.

One way to increase legibility is to kern diagonal letters. When letters are kerned diagonally, they will have more negative space between them. It is also recommended to kern capital letters to create a more letterpress print reading experience. This type of spacing is more visible in all-caps typesetting. However, it is still important to pay attention to this aspect when creating your design. You’ll be surprised how many people don’t know that capital letters require more space between them.

If you’re interested in learning about kerning, consider purchasing Kern from Pizza Typefaces. The sans serif style is created by Adrien Midzic and published by Pizza Typefaces. The design of the kerned letters is reminiscent of a quill, which is why the name is derived from a Latin term, cardo (hinge). A metal piece hanging off the edge of a sort slug was referred to as a kern. Kerning was the process of producing sorts that contained kerns and adjusting the spacing between letters.

Optical kerning is another open type style. This style is most useful when two fonts are used together. The kerning is not the same for two fonts, so optical kerning is a great option. In addition, it is also better suited to fonts with numerals that don’t have proportional figures. For example, if you’re using a different font for your body copy, optical kerning is recommended.

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