Lettering Fonts

There are countless options when it comes to lettering fonts. You can choose between Sans serif styles, or opt for a hand-lettered look. Regardless of your taste, there’s a lettering font for your project. Here are some examples of styles you might want to consider:

Hand-lettered fonts

If you’re looking for a unique typeface for your next design project, hand-lettered fonts are the way to go. Choose from among over 19,000 free hand-lettered fonts for your next project. You can use them on print designs, social media posts, and logos. They can even be used for stationery or invitations. Here are just a few of the fonts available for download:

Hand-lettered fonts are often used in headlines or larger documents because of the way they look. People love the tactile feel of hand-written letters. While many people text and voice chat instead of writing letters, there’s something inherently charming about letter-writing. Whether you’re writing a letter for a friend or sending it through the mail, hand lettering fonts are an attractive way to convey the meaning behind the message.

Calligraphy-style hand-lettered fonts

There are a large variety of calligraphy-style hand-lettered font families. These fonts come in a variety of styles, including rustic, country, and urban. Each font style carries its own meaning and style. Fonts add a sense of authenticity and character to designs. Fonts can be used in a variety of ways, including in print and digital applications. Here are some examples of how calligraphy-style hand-lettered fonts are used in various settings.

Olivia is a modern calligraphy font with 351 glyphs, and offers creative design options. With a geometric base and thin strokes, this font is legible and works well with modern design projects. Campground features an organic hand-lettering style with rounded ends. Its smooth letter connection and thin-line weight make it appealing to novice and experienced designers. The full version of Campground features alternates and ligatures.

Sans serif hand-lettered fonts

Sans serif hand-lettered font styles can be divided into two main types: narrow and thick. The thin parts of each letter are called serifs and thick parts are called swashes. Each style has its own set of characteristics. The main difference between a sans serif hand-lettered font style and a thick-lined one is its weight and stroke width. These are important factors to consider when selecting a hand-lettered font style.

One of the most popular styles of hand-lettered fonts is Woodland. It features a stylish, modern sans serif style and is easy to read. This font style also includes Latin and extended letters, numbers, and symbols. Another popular hand lettering style is Santoy, a script-style font with a feminine vibe. Santoy is easy to use in Adobe Illustrator and Microsoft Word and includes tons of glyphs.

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