If you’re looking for a font with an edge and a distinct style, modern fonts are a great option. The bold, art-deco style of Bondi makes this a versatile choice for any design project. Its thick left side and thin right side create a balance in the design. This typeface is also available in various weights. Another modern font that is sure to turn heads is the Celestia font, a circular geometric typeface with diagonal lines. This typeface can give any design a fun, futuristic feel.

Another modern typeface is Archiv Grotesk, a sans serif created by Berlin-based designer Tom Clarkson. Designed to be readable and easy to use, this typeface is reminiscent of vintage poster art. Its unique ascenders and descenders resemble ears and hooks, and its unique curves add a touch of quirk. It’s perfect for branding projects, magazine covers, and fashion-related branding.

Other modern fonts include Interstate and Futura. These typefaces were created for use in government and business documents, and they are very similar in shape and style. However, one typeface has a distinctive style. For instance, Interstate was designed by Tobias Frere-Jones in 1993. Futura, on the other hand, was created by a Japanese designer, Paul Renner. The font features various weights and is compatible with more than 200 languages.

Headache, for example, is another futuristic typeface. The stroke weight and vertical stress of this font vary according to its version. If you choose to use this typeface in larger sizes, the heavier weights have a more pronounced stroke weight. The lighter weights are suitable for small sizes, and the smaller scales are more neutral and can be paired with other typefaces. Slab serifs, on the other hand, have thin serifs and vertical stress.

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