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Script typefaces evoke refined sentiments and add a personal touch. A handwritten, slightly irregular look makes the font seem even more individualized. One of the most elegant script typefaces is Dantiane, a classic script font with fluid strokes and high legibility. It is ideal for whimsical title cards, elegant invitations, and sleek editorial headlines. Here are some of the many benefits of Dantiane:

It is easy to distinguish between a script and other types of typefaces by their bodies. Scripts are commonly characterized by an angular, sloped, or winged body. This requires a creative solution to ensure that the letters are legible. Typefounders began to experiment with unconventional forms and designs in the nineteenth century. Many of these new fonts featured kerned, winged, or angled bodies. Some also included detached joining strokes at the bottom right of most capitals.

Despite the popularity of sans serif fonts, the beauty of cursive typefaces lies in their ability to add character to a brand. As they add character and expression to a brand, they can also be used to make a statement on a broader scale. You can experiment with different styles and use your own inspiration. You may be surprised by the results! Try using some of the most popular script fonts to imbue your brand with unique character.

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