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If you need to create a font that is smaller than normal, there are many options available. You can use a tiny font to emphasize the main message, or you can choose a large font with a few extra features. Whether you’re working on a website, a presentation, or a game, you can find a font that meets your needs. Envato Elements, for example, is a great resource for small fonts, as it offers a monthly subscription that gives you unlimited downloads.

Another option is Courier, one of the few serif fonts available for smaller sizes. This type of font is easier to read in small sizes. However, serif fonts are generally easier to read in larger sizes, so you may not want to choose a small version. Small versions of these fonts, however, are still readable. In addition, you can use a sans-serif font, like Arial. But you may want to stick to a serif font instead.

A smaller font size isn’t necessarily better for an integrated title. In many cases, the larger size conveys more emotion, reflects proximity, or facilitates a visual joke. However, when a font is small, it may be incongruous or not suitable for a specific type of media. If you’re working on a creative subtitling, a larger font size is ideal. If the content isn’t aesthetically appealing, it could have negative effects on your audience’s reading experience.

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