Types of Sans Serif Fonts

Impact is an industrial-style sans-serif typeface designed by Geoffrey Lee in 1965. It was released by the Stephenson Blake foundry in Sheffield. It is most notable for being a part of the Core Fonts for the Web package and distributed with Microsoft Windows since Windows 98. If you’re looking for a font that evokes the feel of a factory, look no further than Impact. Its distinctive industrial style is a popular choice for corporate branding and a range of other applications.


If you’re looking for a sans-serif typeface, Anton might be what you’re looking for. It features a tall x-height, heavy strokes, and condensed proportions. You can download Anton for free from Google Fonts. If you’d prefer to use a different font, you may want to try Oswald, which is quite similar to Anton. Oswald is a taller alternative and matches the uniqueness of the letters.


Oswald is a condensed Sans-serif font that has been used in many different contexts. It is a great choice for headlines, titles, and short, impactful texts. Its unique features make it a versatile choice for many different purposes. Its bold style gives it a vintage look and can be used in any type of application, including web design and headlines. This typeface is free to download and is available to purchase or download online.


Designer Rob King introduced Jason Walcott to the Schmalfette typeface. Designed by Walter Haettenschweiler in 1954, Schmalfette was used in the German magazine “Twen” for many years. Because Schmalfette was so hard to find, graphic designers in the USA would often cut letters from the magazine to create their own designs. Eventually, many companies began using this typeface in their designs.

Sans Serif

There are many different types of sans serif fonts. The most common uses are for display purposes like on a computer screen, where serifs may appear too large or disappear. The term is derived from the French word sans and is uncertain in origin, although some say it is a corruption of the Dutch word schreef. These fonts are less common for body text, and are used in a variety of situations, including blogs and online articles.

Geoffrey Lee

IMPACT FONT was designed by Geoffrey Lee and first released by the engineering firm Stephenson Blake in 1965. Lee described it as a ‘bold, condensed sans-serif display typeface with compressed letterspacing.’ The typeface’s unusual design and unorthodox letterspacing made it difficult to read, but Lee sold it to the type foundry Stephenson Blake, which emphasized legibility. Unfortunately, the typeface failed to gain popularity.

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