gray assorted-letter jewelries in brown wooden organizer boxes

Of course, every time you want to convey elegance, a cursive font will serve you well. But there are some specific situations where their use is both expected and encouraged:

  • Formal situations: Every time you want to radiate class or sophistication, a script font can work well. Wedding invitations are a good example. Certificates, awards, other formal documents and newspaper headlines can all benefit from their use.
  • Official marketing materials: Like the above, the company’s letterhead, website headings and blog post titles can find italic fonts that fit.
  • Luxury brands: It makes more sense for a company or brand that trades in luxury niches to use equally luxurious or sophisticated fonts.
  • Headings and titles: Italic fonts are best used in short texts. They are just not very readable when used for body text. It’s hard on the eyes and also bad on accessibility, so stick to using them for titles instead.
  • One at a time: Use only one font on your site. It’s way too messy to try to use more than one. Remember that a font is most often used for titles or to draw attention to a specific line of text (such as a subheading or tagline). Using multiple italic fonts or script fonts on your site does not look good, so do not.

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