Why You Shouldn’t Use Bold Fonts on Your Website

Using bold fonts is not the best way to entice online visitors. Excessive use of bold typography is distracting and can actually disorient online visitors. Instead, use bold fonts only to emphasize information that you believe is important for your visitors. You should limit the use of bold fonts to no more than six words. Neutral content is the best match for this type of visual stimulation. For a website to be effective, it should be able to convey your message without being distracting.

Strong italics

When choosing the typeface for your text, you need to decide whether to use italics or regular type. Strong italics will have twice the width of regular type, while regular is half its size. Slant and variable italics will have different width values. The former will be more prominent than the latter. In addition, italics should be used only when a regular typeface isn’t enough to express your ideas.


If you want your content to grab attention, you may want to try a bold font. Unlike ordinary typefaces, bold fonts can draw more attention than other styles. Here are some examples of bold fonts. They look good in t-shirts and posters, for example. However, if you’re not sure which font to use for your next project, here are a few examples to help you decide. Listed below are some of the benefits of bold fonts.


You can change the thickness of a font using the font-weight property. This property varies depending on the number of available font faces in a font family and the weights defined by the browser. A font’s normal weight is 400, while a bold font is 700. A font with weights higher than 700 is considered extra-bold, and one with weights below 400 is considered light. The font-weight property is inheritable, so you can change it from element to element without changing the layout.


If you’re looking for a stylish sans serif font that creates eye-catching headlines and elegant designs, you’ve come to the right place. Chloe’s contrasting lines and curved terminals are sure to get the attention of your readers. Available for an extremely affordable price at Creative Market, Chloe is an excellent choice for your next design project. If you’re in need of a stylish sans serif font for your next project, this typeface is definitely worth checking out.


If you are looking for a free font that is bold and simple, BioRhyme Bold is a great choice. It is free to download and can be customized online. The font is available for Windows and Mac. The following paragraphs will describe what to expect when you use BioRhyme Bold font. Here are some tips to help you decide which font is best for your project. You can download BioRhyme Bold font samples to see what it looks like.

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